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A token of appreciation
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I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank the staff and members of FUD for the intelligent and friendly community they have created.

There are many persons and groups out there that attempt to commentate and speculate on the Halo universe that we have grown to love. However, most of these groups and individuals pride themselves on bringing you the latest news and the best analysis of current Halo news when, in fact, they are not. There are a lot of Youtube channels dedicated to Halo 4 and the Halo universe, many of which I follow, but I have come to realize that many of them are making blind assumptions with no evidence to back up their theories. One item in particular that disturbs me is the analysis of the latest novels that have come out and the ridiculous ideas and theories that these "commentators" bring forward. It seems as if they have never read the books or even played through all of the games while paying close attention to the story.

All of the articles and forum discussions here are well thought out and are done so by knowledgeable staff and members that truly appreciate the universe and would like to discuss it with other fans. I know that when I bring forward a theory about something that has not been fully explained through games or novels, that it will be given constructive criticism and not laughed at or ridiculed by trolls or people who think they know everything about Halo. I do my best to do the same, and have even reached out to a member who I thought may have been offended by one of my posts.

I truly love this community and I am thrilled to have found this website. Keep on keepin on :)
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Re: A token of appreciation
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Thanks for the kind words. I can't speak for the other staff but it means a lot to me knowing that there are folks out there that are happy to read (and listen!) to our work.

We'll do our best to continue doing what we do and I hope you'll stick around and enjoy what we have in store. <3 Halo.

Re: A token of appreciation
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Hey i can respond!!!

Yeah, i cant really put into such pretty words, but I feel the same way.  :P

The community here is really something ive been looking for for a while, and its great! So... Thanks Guys!
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