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I'm just gonna say .. watching those Spartans sprint was awe inspiring. The new speed really seems to better match what should be expected from a Spartan.

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Well I never figured out how to use the "pro-pipe", so I'll prolly ignore this one too and get annoyed when people destroy me with it :)

That is because you rack a disciprine  :P I really got used to it in Firefight, and I always went for it when playing slayer on powerhouse. I was pretty effective with it at close range, just had to bounce it off the ground in front of me and let go of the trigger at the right time.

Also, after watching that clip again, the assault rifle looks a little more powerful than in the past; I fell as if in Reach, you had to place just about all 32 rounds into someone with full shields and health to kill them but it didn't look that way in this clip.
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I loved the grenade launcher; but I was terrible at using it :P but to be honest, thats part of the reason I liked the gun; because it was so awkward to use and it exploded stuff. So I hope they didnt make it too easy to use or nerf it or anything