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I suppose if you assume that hard light was perfect on a molecular level, it would be smooth and pretty close to frictionless, but the utility of that for something like a lightbridge would be pretty bad, wouldn't it?

(It would be kind of cool for there to be a slightly different coefficient of friction, though, especially if you could use hard light pieces in custom maps.)

Also more details are needed on the way it bonds to determine its properties.... I wonder if its a superconductor (oh wait, derp, it can't be a superconductor, how could it transfer electrons?).
Lol, yeah, it would be super impractical.

Well, since photons are "electro-magnetic waves" they could probably transfer something... Maybe...

I'm a big fan of little differences like that (different coefficients for different types of hard light) that just exist to fill some tiny canonical detail or something

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Re: Hard light is real!
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