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halo silentium review, wild theories and questions
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I said I'll be back. I've been gone a few months and look at what you've done with the place.

Halo silentum is one of the greatest books of all time. It basically covers everything I was hoping for.

I won't lie I cried during the epilogue. I was glad to hear bornstellar was safe, I thought he died when he fired the rings, riser too. It was one of the most briefest moment of peace in the halo universe. Humans and forerunners were finally happy together in peace. It was a satisfying  ending to an amazing trilogy. This song basically fits with the ending

I got confused sometimes at what certain things were like what the catalog is, or during Librarian's search for the flood origins. Mostly what half of what everything looks like and what some characters look like or sound like, so i left that to my terrible imagination. Some characters and environments were easier to imagine sense halo 4 came out.

The narrative of the story is kinda weird with the switching between the ur-didact and the librarian constantly. It should of been the first half of the book concerning the ur-didact and the second half on the librarian.

The ur-didact's story could of been cut down a lot, i get that he is an important character and we need to know about his survival,but most of it is useless. Except for the gravemind conversation.

The librarian's story was good it gives us an insight on certain events that happened in the past like the forerunner civil war and that the precursers were every where, We also get to see how a different forerunner society survived on a more organic means than technological..

precursar/flood relations and past

Hereís basically my interpretation on the past  from all  the books,comics,games  and everything halo on the past on the history of the precursors,to the  flood. I may add my own theories and will probably be wrong on most things.

The precursors were possibly the first race in the universe and probably evolved on some planet. The precursors were unique they could choose to be in what ever form they wanted,they were basically shapeshifters. They would go into certain forms based  on what environments they lived or traveled to or suit their own needs. All the way from  having wings to fly to having gills to swim.

They could also go into a state of extended hibernation were they could turn into their dust forms which they could then turn into their previous old forms that they abandond.

They also had control over a lot of galaxies in the universe , they means to travel into  other galaxies was probably a perfect form of  slipspace that they knew every calculation and knew exactly when and where they would come out of slipspace. Or some sota mass relay like network that would allow some slip space ports to still be open for them to go into to.

I've talked about the mantle too much so i wonít go  into  that.  Or  their sudden reasoning to become immortal space god hitler.

Basically the precursors were insane that was it,they were just wrong.

So basically past forerunners fighting for their lives to stop their  immortal space god hitlers. They spared a few precursors some went dormant.(whatever the hell that means) and some went back into their dust forms waiting to turn back into their previous forms to try and kill the forerunners again, But they waited too long and  the forerunners basically had most of the galaxy. So the dust became defective and turned  into the flood.  They used this to their advantage to try to kill the forerunners and test the humans to see if they will somehow overcome it, thus passing a test which would mean they have the mantle.

Hereís a question letís say humans did get the mantle,what will become of the precursors   sense they would no longer be immortal space god hitler? 

Will they just give up all their power over the galaxy and do what with themselves.?Would they go  dormant?

  will they leave other species alone and stop trying to tell people what  to do and kill other species?

Will they kill themselves sense they no longer are no longer worthy of the mantle. ? W

ill they serve humans?

Will they fly far far away and stay far away from humans and everyone else?

My incoherent rambling

So Know oni knows everything we know. They know the full  story of the forerunners and some things on the precursors and the flood. My question is what the hell are they planning to do with all this information? are they gonna tell anyone  about this   because this changes human and elite culture forever.  I think the elites  deserve to  know this after everything that has happened to them they deserve to know the truth. . Oh wait   thatís right oni made the elites  there enemy again  out of  stupidity  and im pretty  sure  telling them humans are meant for the mantle and not them  isnít  going to make  them  happy.

A better question is why is oni wanting to know all this information ?  sure it would be nice to know about the past  and the ur-didact sense  he  attacked earth.  But he is dead.  And bornstealler said he wonít be contacting humans any time  soon. oni knows  bornstealler wants the humans to have the mantle,he just said maybe one day  our children will meet ďpeacefullyĒ. Oni not everyone wants to  be your enemy unless you make them your enemy like making a species destroy itself and one them finding out ,killing his wife and wanting to stop you from trying  to kill them.

 Also why were they questioning halsey on the spartans and john ?  Whatís the point , i  mean you have spartan 4s or is parkaskey just toying with halsey.  What is the point  of half the things oni do?

How the hell did the catalog get to onyx ? Why are his remains  there ,is he  dead or alive  ,was he in one of the stasis pods like the one team katana was in ?   Why   is   bornstellarís,librarian,ur-didact,catalog will and testament on onyx.?

Where is the libarian?  . Last we saw her on earth  learning the domain was actually the orangon. She said she was  going to  do  something but the rings had already been fired so the domain  was going to  be destroyed, but the domain  is  still open  post halo 4 . The precursors lied again. Chackas seemed to think she was still alive somewhere but where, i hope he wasnít talking about the librarian vi  or whatever that was  on requiem because that thing got destroyed once a sun blew up requiem.

Also what the hell is the absolute record and jangalues keys.? keys that will reveal the   real time location of all forerunner technology, oh so that is why oni  is gathering all this information they donít have the other piece so there  trying to find out where the absoulte  record is so they can get their greedy little hands on all that forerunner tech  you crazy  power hungry bastards.

Why wasnít this absolute record mentioned in silentium itís  kinda important ,In  fact  why wasnít the epilogue included in the book.


Overall i think the forerunner saga is one of the best trilogies in si-fi  of all time.  greg bear is one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time .  343  and greg  have  made  a great story that has been begged to be told for years and did a fantastic job with  amazing plot,characters,lore,mystery,action and adventure,That brings everything in the halo universe into a full circle.

I hope 343 and greg bear continue to work  on future  collaborations in  the halo universe. Maybe greg bear can we a writer on halo 5 and 6 .

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The Precursors arose sometime after the big bang, and scoped out the joint. Eventually they discovered the Domain, a quantum substrate of our universe which contained records of pre-big bang civilization (presumably in some kind of bang/crunch cyclical model of the universe). This concept should be familiar to anyone who watched Stargate: Universe. (Specifically, Silentium states that most of 'what has been gathered', what they 'learned across billions of years' originated before there were stars 100 billion years etc). Seemingly the Precursors were limited in their access similar to the Forerunners, but with their more advanced knowledge they established a complete archive (the Organon) of their accumulated data in the Milky Way galaxy. This could be a physical object/machine/architecture (the object on the Didact and Librarians home planet for example), or it could be a data structure within the Domain itself. If it can only be accessed by a physical Precursor construct, then the Halo firing would destroy the access device. But it is stated that the degradation has already begun. This implies that the record is held within physical space and was partially corrupted by previous Halo firings. Imagine the whole galaxy is a HDD platter. The Halo activations corrupted a few data sectors. The array activation passed a magnet over the drive a couple of times.

Didact wants revenge on humanity because they were used as a weapon against the Forerunner.

I want to know more about Forerunner civil war. Was it about exterminating the Precursors? After? Before?

I don't think Precursors were shapeshifters, I think they just had incredibly advanced techniques at biological manipulation (including their architecture and technology). The Precursor dust 'failing' thing was interesting. Perhaps the Forerunners extermination campaign prevented Precursors from accessing the Domain?

Precursor FTL seems to be very different from slipspace as we know it, although it does interfere with regular slipspace use.

As for space Hitlers and insanity... not really. The Precursors (for reasons still not understood) decided to pass on the Mantle. They created multiple candidate 'races', and groomed them for the task. Two of these were humans and forerunner. The Precursors chose humanity over the Forerunners, and (Forerunner hubris being what it is) the Forerunner's got all cranky pants and went on a genocidal rampage. The Forerunner declared themselves the rightful guardians of the Mantle, and actively suppressed the knowledge of what had occurred. Some splinter groups (Path Kethona) avoided the purge. Other groups tried to hold on to the knowledge through secret ritual (Builders). The Forerunners, through forgetting their history, are doomed to repeat it, and see humanity's 'aggressive expansion' as a challenge to the Forerunners as mantle holders. They then wage a campaign of extermination on humans.

The humans meanwhile were being deliberately manipulated by the Primordial into sapping the strength of the Forerunner, to weaken them militarily and psychologically. For revenge, both for driving their species to extinction, and for destroying 100 billion years of accumulated knowledge. At this point I do not believe the Primordial or the Flood care about the Mantle any longer. The Precursors were pretty cool dudes, but now they are driven by revenge of the last of their cornered race.

If humans assume the Mantle, it means defending everyone from the Flood. After that, it means preserving and recording life for future iterations of the universe.

ONI plan to kill anyone, alien or human, that gets in the way of their new toys.

The Catalog wasn't necessarily found on Onyx, its just being researched there. The Catalogs all had a chance to interface towards the end iirc, so it makes sense that one would have all the records.

The Librarian is dead, she died on Earth.

The Absolute Record seems like its an emergency backup manifest created by the Forerunner when they started having trouble accessing the Domain. Wouldn't want to lose any important superweapons.

I don't think the Absolute Record was relevant to the story.

Greg Bear is a brilliant author. A while ago I let him know on his website that he is welcome back to the Halo universe anytime as far as I'm concerned.

Ok. Now that all that replying is out of the way lol, here are some thoughts of mine I haven't seen mentioned anywhere:

There are more composers floating around.

Graveminds talk 'telepathically' by vibrating peoples brains.

WTF happened to the Audacity? Librarian flew it from Requiem to Earth... then it vanishes! There is only the keyship, the research ship, and Bornstellar's carrier.

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I want to know more about Forerunner civil war. Was it about exterminating the Precursors? After? Before?

I think saying that is about the same as saying "I want to know more about the human civil war." :P

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I want to know more about Forerunner civil war. Was it about exterminating the Precursors? After? Before?

I think saying that is about the same as saying "I want to know more about the human civil war." :P

Aren't all our wars human civil wars? lol.

But seriously, they built the Line installations to kill each other... what were they fighting over? Was that why they are all vegetarian now? Was it over burgers?

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The great beef war.

The galaxy was never the same.
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There are so many questions and inconsistencies about the librarians existence as to whether or not she is alive or dead or where she was located during certain time period's, This new lifeworker becoming the librarian and the librarian VI thing on requiem. So at this point who Knows.

I used the term shape shifter to simplify the precursors way of probably manipulating their own organic evolution,very much the same way forerunners went under mutations.

Even though i think the ur-didact is dead if he somehow survived slip space nonsense,is he just going to get other composers and go "LOL,IM going to try and kill you guys again". That would be kinda stupid.
Unless he decides to attack veniza. Then things could get interesting. An easy way to bring veniza into the games.

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Ok... a picture is forming in my head...

The Didacts are going to face off against each other. The Chief will be in between. The bones have spoken.