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Hindsight articles
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So I noticed that the Halo Waypoint site has a link to the Hindsight articles on FuD....

So is this something the staff has known about, or am I the first to point this out? Is the guest writer that does these articles from Waypoint?

I thought it was cool to see our little community featured on the official central hub for all things Halo, but will this open the flood gates for new members, turning our small community into, well, one that is not so small? (not implying that it is necessarily a bad thing).

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Re: Hindsight articles
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BSAngel promotes what she wants, I guess. I dunno if she promotes user-submitted tips, like the guys used to. All I know is I haven't done anything on that score :)

The guest writer's actually from GAF. He doesn't have any affiliation with 343i beyond being a Halo fan like everyone here.

Re: Hindsight articles
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Six, I think you are exaggerating the reach of Waypoint's influence. I dont think that enough people actually follow through on links like that to make a difference. Especially since *cough* *cough* its only a *cough* Hindsight *cough* article *cough* and not one of those fiction speculation articles that the sight is known for; like the Datapad articles ;D

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