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Forward Ops
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Tar Alacrin

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I just wanted to let guys (Post specifically) know that I'm loving this series. Everything you've talked about in the articles so far has been exactly what I was hoping to get from Spops.

So I dont really know where I was going with this post, buuut, Keep it up! (real cheesy thing to say, I know) -- can't wait for the next installment

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Thanks for the kind words. :) Feel free to give me feedback as I move this along. It's a definite learning experience for me.

As far as story goes, I think I have some pretty good stuff planned. Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of it. :)

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Capac Amaru

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Excellent stuff so far.

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The second entry reminded me of forging ahead  ;D It mostly focused on your creative process while designing the game environment. Still managed to stay on topic though, so I got a combination of forge and a halo fanfic. Not quite as awesome as that sounds, but still very good.
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