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Campaign Theatre
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So I found this video real recently, apparently some modder got theater to work for campaign (something that 343 had said they were unable to figure out how to do) -- The guy in the video gets a little heated about the issue too, but he raises some good points (and 343 actually sent him an email in response, which is posted in the description)

Idk, what do you guys think about all of what he says? Cause he raises some good points that aren't really addressed in the email; if one guy in his bedroom with a modded box can get it to work pretty well (albiet with some glitches) There really isn't many reasons why 343 can't.
Although I kinda feel sorry for bsangel, who has to communicate all this info without actually understanding/being able to say whats actually happening. But still... The fact that there is all this vague communication at all annoys me and makes me uneasy.

And then when he talks about how Halo 4 isn't really a finished game, I'd never put my finger on it before he said it, but I have to agree with that sentiment; it wasn't quite finished at launch, and its improved a lot since then, but it still doesn't feel right. Do you think that this is going to be the norm now that Micro$oft has taken total control over the development? Or do you think that they'll learn from their mistakes in halo 4 and fix some of that strategy in halo 5?

 I guess its just kind of a harsh check to come from the world of following the development of a bunch of indie titles, where all the information is given openly and honestly directly from the game's creators; back to the realm of massive franchises, "managing the community" and vague misdirections.

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And somewhat further back as well.

Gameplay wise I think they're getting their shit together, but I'm not sure about story.
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I think they will focus more on cash-cowing multiplayer. The whole Season Pass market is getting ridiculous. EB has a hand-written sign up with prices of season passes (I think under Australian consumer law they have to disclose to customers how much second hand copies actually cost for full features since it isn't printed on the games) and they are ridiculous.

And I still think microtransactions are on the way.