Author Topic: MCC's forge is looking bloody amazing.  (Read 2172 times)

MCC's forge is looking bloody amazing.
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Tar Alacrin

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Halo 2 Anniversary Forge:

Basically most of the stuff we've dreamed of;
Completely empty maps, with pretty good looking terrain pieces to play with.
Forgable Dynamic map elements
The biggest thing is that they included a basic scripting system.

This is huge. I'm so pumped for the scripting thing, even if its not very powerful, even if I don't even use it. I just want to see what other, smarter, people can do with it.

Also, sick looking alternate Heretic banshees
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Re: MCC's forge is looking bloody amazing.
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I wonder if the Heretic Banshess fly any different...

Re: MCC's forge is looking bloody amazing.
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Capac Amaru

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Scripting... hmm...

Re: MCC's forge is looking bloody amazing.
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Very cool stuff. A nice push forward on Forge; even if Halo 5's Forge is basically this, I'll be happy.

No news yet if they are other Forge palettes or it's all that human rocky look (which is certainly different) on the other two Forge maps. (I would assume the Ascension skybox one would use Forerunner pieces.)

I think the performance meter is also going to come in handy. I know lots of people built these awesome maps that they didn't realize were unplayable until they'd made huge progress... also, the ability to spawn in and despawn objects with much greater control might mean you can create much more elaborate maps without perf hits or maybe even bypass object limits. Will depend on what the exact mechanisms are.

The interactive objects are the most interesting stuff to me. Yay for scenario style and Invasion maps!