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Terminator: Genisys
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I'm really torn on this one. On the one hand, contemporary Arnold fighting 80s Arnold in the 80s? Awesome.

On the other... new actors for all characters (Anton Yelchin was perfect as Kyle Reese), and the Terminator story across all the films is starting to get redundant:

Terminator 1: Don't get killed.
Terminator 2: Stop Judgement Day before it happens.
Terminator 3: Failed to stop Judgement Day.
Terminator 4: Take the fight to the future.
Terminator 5: Nah we'll just try to stop Judgement Day in the past again.

This film was always going to be about sending Kyle Reese to the past, I was just looking forward to witnessing more of the resistance fighters in the future. This series needs an ending, and it's not going to happen if we keep avoiding the most prominent period during which the fighting happens.

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Started poorly... how is it that future war against robots looks more and more stupid with each passing film?

Sarah saving Kyle is a great twist. Arnie looks great as both old and new Terminators. Like the references to earlier films.

Can't imagine how the story will make any sense.

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So I guess since the time travel stuff has barely made sense since the first film and just sank like a 1000 lb machine from the future, the thing I'm most interested in is the Past Arnie tech. I imagine they won't be able to get away with creative compositing of 1980 Arnold into modern scenes, so I'm guessing they're going to do a Tron Legacy maneuver? Wonder what that will look like in motion.