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Russian Halo Online
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Eh, I don't think it's that slimy. Microsoft wants to sell consoles and sell Halo for those consoles; while I'd argue there's still more opportunity for PC Halo games without cannibalizing their console sales, a F2P PC game in a territory that doesn't have Xboxes seems like a safe bet.

My money is on us seeing this *eventually* in the United States, provided it's a success in other territories. I *don't* expect we'll ever see Halo 5 or 6 or similar mainline releases getting released simultaneously or close to the same launch window on PCs and Xboxes, despite the "Windows everywhere" push from higher ups at Microsoft.

I really think the visual style is very interesting—an Escalation-like smashup of Halo 3 aesthetics and Halo 4 elements.

Re: Russian Halo Online
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It runs really well on PC. Shame it has some nice remakes that I would have loved to have seen included in the MCC.