Author Topic: Marty won his lawsuit against Bungie. Truth is revealed. Bungie sucks.  (Read 1972 times)

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So apparently the story was that Activision didn't like Marty's music, and despite everyone in the world thinking this is a bad idea, and the head of bungie sending them a "veto" letter on it (which they just ignored), Activision ripped out Marty and McCartney's music from the first trailer and released it with their own music. Marty wasn't happy, acted up (said activision was ruining the company), they told him to step in line or get fired, but it seems he lost the drive or motivation to keep going, didnt perform well after that then got fired.

Also a lot of scumbaggery on the part of Bungie trying to weasel marty out of any ownership or rights to his music even before the whole kerfuffle occured. Essentially activision ruined bungie.

Re: Marty won his lawsuit against Bungie. Truth is revealed. Bungie sucks.
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Yeah, reading this I think it's a pretty sad story. I remember everyone saying that Bungie was getting a great deal out of Activision and leaving MS behind, and in the words of the Arbiter it seems like ďwe trade one enemy for another.Ē They got in bed with a publisher even less flexible than Microsoft, and it seems to have collided with some personality politics at Bungie with spectacular results.

I guess the biggest losers in this are Bungie fans who wanted the Music of the Spheres OST, because that basically seems like itís in limbo indefinitely now. Marty canít release it, and I canít imagine Bungie wanting to give Marty any more money via sales or royalties.