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USB Flash Drive Issues
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I have been attempting to transfer files between my Windows 8 PC and my raspberry Pi via USB stick. At this point I have 2 flash drives that appear to be broken. The files appear to be deleted on both computers, yet when I open the file viewer on the Pi, it shows the files. I just want my flash drives empty and working, as well as the raspberry pi. I want to be able to use them to transfer data. For some reason, the "eject" feature is not working. Is this an error?

Please help.

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Re: USB Flash Drive Issues
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Dog, you are so lost it's not even funny.

As long as I'm here, if any of the old Fud boys see this, what did y'all think of the Halo Infinite teaser?

Its like 97% confirmed to be instillation 07 now which gets me so excited tbh, that's all I've wanted from a Halo game since we got silentium. And it's coming to pc so I can actually play it. I'm so hype.